AA Sayings That Caught My Attention – Part 2

I have gotten to where I always take some notes during my daily meetings.  Normally it is just a slogan or saying that catches my attention.  Sometimes it is more than that.  I want to keep them somewhat together so I don’t have to dig back through my journal to find them.  So here they are.  My hope is that someone out there will find a nugget or two that they can use as well.

If they didn’t ask the question they didn’t want the answer.

How do YOU use your gratitude

If I were to be put on trial, would I be convicted of gratitude.

Pay back love with love and money with money.

You already did it, you can’t undo it.  So be honest!

If you don’t do a 4th, you’ll drink a fifth.

C.O.O.L.  –  Count On Others Love

Its better to be seen than viewed.

I can be patient & tolerant as long as you are doing what I want you to do.

Does it need to be said, does it need to be said now and does it need to be said now by me?

Making progress because of the process

A.N.Ts  –  Automatic Negative Thoughts

We are born dependent, we just choose the wrong things

This is an “I” place.  I have to see things through – it is up to me!

Coming in is hard because the door is heavy.

Bartenders serve alcohol, We serve AA.

Y.E.T.  –  You’re Eligible Too

You can do anything today you did yesterday.  Just don’t drink!

You can’t think your way to good living, but you CAN live your way to good thinking.

E.G.O.  –  Edging God Out

Alcohol may have been just a symptom, but it certainly was a catalyst for a whole lot of other shit!

F.I.N.E.  –  Frustrated, Irritated, Neurotic, Emotional

Get your self worth through being the man you want to be TODAY!



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      Thanks! It does for me. Especially when I go back over the last week or two.

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