The Promises Do Come True!!!

I am a firm believer in AA and what it can do for a person.  I have been in and out of the rooms of AA for the last 10 years.  I never really wanted to be there or had any intentions of putting in the effort required to accomplish sobriety.  There were times I showed up at meetings after drinking on the way there and times I stopped on the way home afterwards.  Because of that, among many other reasons which I have detailed in other posts, it has taken me 10 years to maintain any sense of sobriety.  As of this writing, I have been sober for 135 days!  I owe that to 3 things and 3 things only.  First and foremost, is my Higher Power whom I chose to identify as God.  Second is the Fellowship of AA and last but certainly not least are my Family and Friends.  At differing times of the day, these 3 rotate positions.  It just depends on what is going on in my life and mind at the time.

All of that said, this post is primarily about the 9th step promises and how they have begun to come true in my life.  I am not to step 9 right now.  Almost but not quite.  The halfway through that the first line talks about is the making of the 9th step amends.  However, I am seeing them start to materialize now and I am only half way through the steps!  Honestly when I read through them, they have all come true whether in part or in whole.  The one that is the impetus for this post is the fear of people and economic insecurity will leave us.  I haven’t really had a fear of people, but the fear of economic insecurity  was starting to creep into my thoughts.  I have been out of work for 5 months and my unemployment runs out in 3 months.  As long as we have the unemployment coming in, we are ok financially.  We can pay our bills and do what needs to be done.  That will be ending quicker than you can imagine.  I began looking for a new job right before Christmas.  Knowing that it is a slow time for hiring in the corporate world.  I am in IT so there is always a demand but it does get slow at the end of the year.  I had a few phone interviews but nothing materialized.  Until a week ago!  A position I had interviewed for called me in for a face to face interview.  I was excited and nervous.  I don’t doubt my ability to do the job, my nervousness stemmed from being so short in sobriety.  Was I ready for this step?  Would I screw it up again?  Most of you know the questions.  And as usual I don’t have the answers.  I know what I want them to be.

When I got to the building, the location looked familiar.  Then it hit me.  Ten years ago when I first went to treatment, they would take us to AA meetings.  One of the ones they took us to is literally right across the street from my new office!  So if I am having a rough day, I can walk 50 yards to a noon meeting!  If that isn’t God stepping in and saying “I gotcha on this” then I don’t know what is!  The great news is that I started that new job today.  I began my day with a meeting at 630 since I didn’t have to be in the office until 9am.  It was a great meeting.  The topic was “Upon Awakening”.  How appropriate is that for my first day at a new job?  Things keep falling into place.  I know as long as I don’t drink today, I will have a job to come to tomorrow.

I truly hope and believe the Promises will continue to come true in my life and hope the same for you!

God Bless and Stay Sober Today

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