Here Come The Holidays – Ready or Not!

We had a really good meeting this morning.  The topic was how to handle the holidays.  The person who brought up the topic has had multiple relapses during this time period.  He has been sober for multiple years now.  Like me, he is always wanting to learn new ways at maintaining his sobriety.  I personally didn’t have much to offer since this is basically my first Christmas season in sobriety.  I believe I am in a good place mentally and spiritually right now.  The Christmas season has never been a huge drinking time for me.  There were a few where that wasn’t the case.  The first Christmas after my wife’s death and one or two as my daughter got older and wasn’t as into Santa and reindeer as I wanted her to be and a couple of company Christmas parties.  As a rule though it hasn’t been a huge issue in the past.  This year we have several parties where there will potentially be a lot of drinking going on.  Two of them don’t really concern me at all.  The last one, while not really a concern or a reservation, I do want to be prepared going into it.  My step-daughter’s 21st birthday is on the 29th.  She wants it at a Restaurant/bar in Fort Worth.  Being a 21st, I am certain there will be drinking going on.  My plan in my head right now, is that once dinner is over and the true part of the party begins (if it does), at that point it is time for me to make a courteous exit.  I will definitely be at a meeting earlier that day and if needed find one afterwards.

In our meeting one of our members brought up that she “Arms herself with her toolkit” before she attends anything like that.  I think that is a good way to put it and remember it.  She said her toolkit consists of driving her own car, calling her sponsor, attending a meeting etc.  That is definitely my plan.  I have included a link here to a list of 37 Ways to Stay Sober During the Holidays.  This is from the book entitled “The Recovery Book” by  Al J. Mooney M.D.,‎ Catherine Dold,‎ Howard Eisenberg.  

God Bless and Merry Christmas to all!

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