Attending meetings is paramount to my sobriety.  There has not been a meeting where I have not gleaned something I can apply to my life.  I hope my sharing has the same impact on others.  That said, yesterday and today are prime examples. Yesterday our topic was based off the Daily Reflections for November 7th, Let Go and Let God.  Being relatively new to sobriety, 68 days as of this second, I still have at times have difficulty letting go and giving things over to my Higher Power.  It was with great relief that I heard from Old Timers that still struggle with that exact

Yesterday was a day of service.  I spent the majority of my Saturday with a bunch of drunks helping another.  We have a member of our group who has cancer.  Her house is in pretty rough shape.  We all got together and spent the day cleaning and clearing debris away in preparation for work being done on Monday and Tuesday.  It was great to see everyone, men and women, give selflessly of themselves to help someone else.  I would like to think this is something I would have done when I was drinking.  Probably but maybe not.  And the chance would be good that I

What a good day today is!  I received my 60 day coin today at my meeting!  The first 28 days of that were pretty easy.  When you are locked down 24/7 in rehab, it isn’t too hard to not think about or crave drinking.  At least for me personally it wasn’t.  When I left on September 28th, that is when things should have gotten more difficult.  Thank God, for me, it hasn’t been that way.  YET!  That isn’t to say that it won’t get difficult at times.  I am quite certain there will be days in the future when that will cross my mind. I

Today was a relatively busy day.  It started early!  Around 2am to be exact.  Our bedroom lost power, not the whole house mind you.  Just the bedroom.  For most people that probably wouldn’t have been noticed until either the alarm clock failed to go off or when you tried to turn the lights on.  Not me.  I cannot sleep with out a fan running.  Doesn’t matter if it is the middle of the winter or the middle of the summer.  I can’t sleep without the white noise.  It doesn’t even blow on the bed.  It is behind my dresser blowing straight against the wall!  But