90 Days of Continuous Sobriety!

What a great and momentous day for me.  90 days of continuous sobriety.  I picked up my coin at the noon meeting today.  My sponsor was there to give it to me.  Our topic today was just as appropriate.  “Why are the steps suggested?”  I know for me, they are not a suggestion.  They are mandatory and required for me to get and stay sober.  For the last 8 years I did treat them as a suggestion.  Which means I either didn’t do them or if I did, I did them half ass.  And I can tell you first hand, half measures get me nothing but drunk again.  I am the poster child for what happens when you treat them as a suggestion.  I want to be a poster child for what your life can be if you treat them as required!  Thank you to my Sponsor, my wife/family/friends and the fellowship of AA for getting me to this point.  I will continue to rely on them to keep me sober for the rest of my life.  The promises of AA are slowly being fulfilled in my life and I couldn’t be happier.  I still have moments where I can be restless, irritable and discontent.  The good news is that I have the tools to deal with it in the right way when it happens.  Not only do I have the tools, I use them!  Having the right tools in your toolbox doesn’t do shit if you don’t utilize them in the proper way.

God Bless


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  1. I’m super proud of you Robert!!! You are doing such amazing work for yourself and your family! I found a man 3 years ago who rarely drinks and never ever does drugs. I didn’t realize what a huge difference this would make in our relationship until much later. We connect on an honest and completely sober level. It’s the key that was missing in all my other relationships. I rarely drink either by the way. I’m happy that part of my life is over and I don’t miss it at all. You just keep doing you and keep up the fantastic work!!!

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